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Wasson & Associates, Inc. cannot guarantee that unsolicited information sent to us will remain
private or confidential unless provided by an existing client and is of the nature and character as
to have protected by the attorney-client privilege. Also, we can represent any person or company
until we determine that such representation will not create a conflict of interest as that term is
defined by the applicable jurisdiction. As a result, we ask that you refrain from sending us any
information that you expect to remain confidential until and unless you receive formal written
response from an authorized representative of Wasson & Associates, Inc. agreeing to represent
your interests. Unsolicited information sent to the firm, even in a good faith effort to provide the
firm useful information in our effort to determine whether to represent your interest, cannot
preclude us from representing another client directly adverse to you and if we do represent a
party against you our ethical obligations to represent our clients may require us to use any
unsolicited information you send us against you in the future. Until we can confirm that we do
not currently or have in the past represented a party whose interests are adverse to your interests
please do not send us unsolicited information.