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Resolving Disputes in a Sane, Sensible, and Fair Way at a Reasonable Cost

David B WassonThe attorney-mediators at Wasson and Associates, Inc.  recognize that the costs of running a business grow every year. Litigation fees can quickly tap the profits and resources of any organization. Unfortunately, conflicts arise between partners, owners, managers, and employees. Outside parties can have an issue with a product or service provided. Many times the resolution takes place in a courtroom, where lawyers do the litigation, judges and juries make the decisions–and the parties have little say.

Resolving Business, Consumer, and Employment Law Disputes

The attorney-mediators at Wasson and Associates, Inc. have mediated many business disputes. We are certified mediators in California,  Arizona, and Nevada. Some of the disputes our office has handled have involved employment law disputes, breach of contract, violation of non-compete agreements, or consumer complaints about products or services provided.