Firm Philosophy

High Professional Standards

Wasson & Associates strives to serve the best interests of our clients while adhering to the highest professional standards. Though we are zealous advocates for the rights of our clients, we believe that the most effective means to achieve our clients’ goals and expectations is to work within the well-established and recognized professional standards of our community and adopted by our Bar Association. We pride ourselves on our efforts to keep abreast of the significant changes in the law that affect our clients and to provide our clients with periodic reports demonstrating how changes in the law can affect their case or their business. Our aim is to protect the interests of our clients today and anticipate potential problems in their future.

We have over twenty years of experience as trial attorneys. We are scholars and students of the litigation process. We have reviewed and worked with complaints of varying styles, scope and complexity and concerning a wide variety of disputes. We are prepared to analyze, address, explain and attack nearly every type of litigation brought against our clients. We are masters of depositions, written discovery, law and motion and virtually all aspects of litigation. We are skilled in negotiation, and seek to develop good working relationships with our adversaries in our overall desire to achieve the best outcome for our clients. Though we are ready to reach a compromise in the best interests of our clients, we are equally capable of withstanding any onslaught directed at our clients and to hold steadfast in our zealous protection of their rights. Our experience does not rest exclusively in the halls of the trial court, for we have been very successful before the high Courts of Appeal. We pledge ourselves to defend the interests of our clients where ever the attack may come and from whom it may originate.

Outstanding Client Relationships and Service

We believe that the cornerstone to providing outstanding customer service rests upon open and active communication with our clients emphasizing and encouraging client participation. Members of the firm strive to make ourselves available for consultation at the convenience of our clients. We understand the privilege each client bestows upon us at the inception of the attorney-client relationship. We fully recognize that our clients choose us we do not choose our clients. Wasson & Associates appreciates our role as consultants to our clients who have the right to determine the nature and scope of our relationship and ultimately the final decision as to any significant decision in the case. Consequently, we believe it is our job to actively inform our clients of the status of their matter and to be available for questions, comments and direction.

We believe that each client expects us to have experience and expertise to handle the cases and various issues raised by the client’s case. Clients retain Wasson & Associates because of this experience. As a natural consequence of this expectation we are prepared to develop a litigation plan for every client which outlines the expected costs of the legal matter, including the costs of any preliminary investigation, discovery and potential litigation disputes, the retention of experts, their scope of expertise and the reason for the retention, the realistic expectations for settlement or early resolution and the costs of trial preparation and trial if the matter cannot be resolved. As part of efforts to meet our clients’ expectation we provide a litigation budget designed to address anticipated litigation expenses so that the client will have a simple and straightforward outline of the cost of the litigation and thus some standard that can be consulted to insure that we are representing the interests of our clients in conformity with their reasonable expectations. Though this plan will be subject to revision and updates as the case progresses, we fully recognize that each revision, change and modification of the budget must be explained and ultimately approved by our clients. By this recognition and practice we believe that our clients are better able to make informed decisions in each important stage of our representation. In this way we are partners with our clients in the struggles and triumphs of achieving their goals and expectations.